DA demands details on UIF's COVID-19 relief payments

DA demands details on UIF's COVID-19 relief payments

JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Wednesday said the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) actuaries should disclose how much money was paid out, how much money remained, and how much longer it would assist South Africans and companies in distress.

The party’s spokesperson on employment and labour, Michael Cardo, said the UIF was failing to pay through the employee relief scheme and its website was constantly offline. He also said even foreign nationals were still unable to claim even though they have been contributing

The DA said while government estimated that up to seven million workers would be affected by COVID-19, the party estimated 10 million people.

“For most wage earners reliant on the COVID-19 benefit during lockdown, this is more than a mere inconvenience. It is a cause for desperation, depression, and in some instances, financial devastation,” Cardo said in a statement.

“Given the length of time it has taken the UIF to make April payments - many of which only occurred in May - and the constant, desperate struggle of employers and employees to get their pound of flesh from the fund, the latest delays do not augur well,” he added.

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