Covid-19: President Cyril Ramaphosa to meet trade unions and traditional leaders

Covid-19: President Cyril Ramaphosa to meet trade unions and traditional leaders

President Cyril Ramaphosa said he will meet trade unions, traditional leaders and civil society formations this week, as government puts plans in place to deal with Covid-19.

This follows a series of engagements with government officials, political party representatives, religious leaders and captains of industry.

“The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread at a relentless pace across the globe. As nations of the world we find ourselves in the same fight: to contain the virus, to protect the lives of our people and to fortify our economies against the inevitable disruption to manufacturing, productivity, growth and employment,” he said in his weekly newsletter, issued on Monday.

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Since the declaration of a state of disaster to deal with the pandemic, he said: “The manner in which all South Africans have taken charge of not just their own personal health but the health of those around them has been exemplary and heartening.

“Everywhere we see signs of behavioural change as the nation rallies behind infection control measures. From filling stations to taxi ranks, from spazas to restaurants, South Africans fully understand the gravity of the situation.

“ ... What we are witnessing is social solidarity in action, a defining feature of our nationhood. At times of crisis such as this one, it would be easy to surrender to the impulses of opportunism, greed and naked self-interest ... But as the South African nation we are standing firm.”

Ramaphosa said the country's focus was clear: “We have to contain the spread of the virus. We have to ensure those who need help get it. We have to observe the highest standards of hygiene and practice social distancing.”