Cabinet vows to pay special attention to COVID-19 'hotspots'

Cabinet vows to pay special attention to COVID-19 'hotspots'

CAPE TOWN - As the nation waits for a briefing on details around the level three lockdown restrictions, Cabinet has again promised that "special attention" will be given to the nation's 'hotspot' areas.

Cabinet held a virtual meeting on Wednesday where members were briefed on the outcome of consultations undertaken by President Cyril Ramaphosa with various civil society organisations.

Ramaphosa is known as a consensus builder and Cabinet said he consulted widely to ensure that the country's progression from level 4 to level 3 of the national lockdown had the support of all social partners.

While the move has come under criticism from parties like the EFF, Cabinet said this level was vital to ensuring a further broadening of economic activity.

The move to level three will allow about eight million South Africans to return to work.

But as the economy opens up, so too will the viral load and Cabinet has again promised hotspot areas will be targeted for special attention.

Cabinet said provincial health departments would roll out dedicated health interventions in those hotspot areas in the form of intensified screening, testing, and quarantine and prevention measures.