Xolani Jack was a fearless fighter and a true soldier

Xolani Jack was a fearless fighter and a true soldier

It feels so surreal, it was just the other day when you were complaining that even I didn't invite you to a party. I brushed you off, now I regret it. I fight to hold back the tears as I write about the strong, brave loving man that you were. As I think of how Anga defended you whenever I shouted at you, as I remember all of our conversations -  even when you reprimand me for not picking you up for work. 

You were a true fighter, a fire brand, a father, a brother and a friend. That is the Xolani Jack I will always remember. He may have been young but he was wise beyond his years. A humble man. We fought, argued, debated and laughed a lot together. I sometimes called him tooth, just to rile him up because of the two missing front teeth. He hated that.

Jack was always ready for a challenge and ready to tackle anything head on, he never shied away from adversity. I guess that is what I most loved about him. He had his demons, that’s for sure. He had his challenges, but he always held his head high and refused to allow anything to bring him down. A true fighter. 

He had a majestic walk about him, he had a presence. And he refused to be unnoticed. When Jack entered a room, he entered a room.

We may not have shared intimate secrets but we always secretly knew that we would always be there for one another. He was a real man like that - a true protector of his family.  Now he is gone, taken from us in the most brutal and most horrific way imaginable.  

If the coward who took his life had afforded him an opportunity to defend himself or fight back, I can guarantee you, Jack would still be walking among us. But, I guess it was the will of God.  

A fearless fighter was taken away from us, a true soldier. I love you man, I miss you and my eyes well up every time I hear your name. But I will hold it together and remember you always. 

Born and raised in Kieskamahoek in a village called Tshoxa, in the Eastern Cape, he came to Cape town later in his life. Always a lively boy, always in a hurry to do things and get things done. When he joined the EFF in 2013 he was very active and had a deep passion for the party.  

He volunteered for the EFF since its inception, by 2014 he was employed as the party’s general worker in the province. Jack was a hard working soldier, he was also at the forefront of establishing the EFF student command. Jack was also instrumental in building many of the party’s branches, both in the Western and Eastern Cape provinces. 

He was the branch leader and secretary of the ANCYL of branch 90 in Khayelitsha.  

He was always at the forefront of community struggles, he would even hijack and lead struggles that are not those of the EFF.  

He was always cognizant of the fact that every person was a potential voter of the party. Jack never shied away from activism and the struggle. 

Jack was brutally murdered while sleeping in the comfort of his own home.  He is the second provincial EFF member to be gunned down in Khayelitsha this year.

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