Would you have your avocado on a stick?

Would you have your avocado on a stick?

Rejoice avocado lovers! Someone has created an avocado stick which can help make avocado toast preparation much easier. 

The strange creation was recently featured on the Unnecessary Inventions Facebook page with the caption: “Every millennial loves avocado toast! Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go...on a stick!”

The post sparked a bit of controversy, with many freaked out at the idea of putting what looks like a deodorant stick on their toast.

One user, Noreen Kollisel said, “Um.. no thanks ... fresh is best and it comes in its own natural packaging with no crap in it to prolong its shelf life. Also I would be too concerned if mould grows in the stick and you won’t be able to see it till it’s too late. It has happened many times with the baby food in those squeezable pouches”.

Another user, Ravenom Estoque said, “I love avocado however this is repulsive”.

Others, however, loved it.

“We need this in our life!”, said Shari Hadley. 

But before you get freaked out or get too excited - it is worth remembering that this is just an idea at this point, and does not exist.