Would you drink Pepsi Sparkling Rosé?

Would you drink Pepsi Sparkling Rosé?
I was scrolling on Twitter, trying to get updated with what's happening in the world, when I saw a tweet from Variety.

It was something about Pepsi Champagne. 

Intrigued, I clicked on the link and read the story, ready to be outraged at the what I assumed was going to be cola flavoured bubbly. 

Well, it kind of is, but it's not? Confused?  Let me break it down.

Bravo, the channel that brought the world the Real Housewives, is having it's annual Bravo Con(vention) in New York City this week, where it will feature stars of the popular channel. 

Fans will get a chance to see more than 70 of their, favourite Bravo-lebrities,  including the cast members of various Housewives franchises , the women of  Married to Medicine, the Vanderpump Rules cast  and also the pied piper of celebrity, Andy Cohen. 

And now here's where the Pepsi Sparkling Rose comes in.

Lisa Vanderpump of Beverly Hills Housewives and Vanderpump Rules fame, is the brains behind the beverage.

A huge fan of all things pink and rose, she has developed the rose, together with Pepsi, just for BravoCon and fans will get to taste the beverage at the event. 

Vanderpump already has her own rose brand- Vanderpump Rose, which is described as 'a fresh and bright wine from sun-drenched Cotes de Provence, France. ' 
“It’s no secret that I love Rosé, so when Pepsi told me they were creating a non-alcoholic Pepsi Rosé just for me and my fans at BravoCon I was touched,” says Lisa Vanderpump, in a statement. 

“I think it’s extraordinary that Pepsi created something especially for BravoCon, and the crisp and bubbly flavour of their non-alcoholic Rosé is delicious.”

It's a limited edition and only 100 bottles of the beverage were made. 

It's a zero-calorie, and alcohol-free sparkling rose, with a  light and bubbly taste,  which will is totally on trend when you think about where the beverage business is going. 
More people are choosing to limit or altogether stop their alcohol intake and brands are now forced to create alcohol-free versions of their beverages. 
In a press release, Todd Kaplan, the marketing VP of Pepsi said that Bravo superfans are some of the most unapologetic and dedicated fans out there, which is similar to the soda brand's fans.

"We created Pepsi Sparkling Rosé to give the fans something extra special to enhance their BravoCon experience and for a Real Housewives icon like LVP to give it her stamp of approval is truly awesome," says Kaplan.
I don't think it will be long before Pepsi launches this beverage in the US and make it widely available. Or maybe Lisa could sell it at one of her restaurants in LA? 

I think BravoCon will be sort of like a focus group to check just how people feel about it. And if they love it, surely nothing will stop them from producing more of the rose and making it available everywhere? And with it getting a nod of approval from the unofficial queen of rose, Lisa Vanderpump, it wouldn't be too surprising if this becomes the case.

I will be camping on Instagram this weekend to check just how people react to the rose.