WATCH: Pig finds fallen plane camera after dramatic landing

WATCH: Pig finds fallen plane camera after dramatic landing

It is one of those videos that pop up on your feed that never gets old, and it’s one that you can replay for hours. 

The internet is going wild for a video that was captured on a GoPro camera. 

The video in question was captured after falling off from a plane and landing in a pig pen in Cloverdale in California sometime in 2014. Mia Munselle who uploaded the video found the camera lying around in her pigpen. 

Like any curious person, she watched the video and decided to share it. The video starts on a plane with an excited person posing for the cameras. We can only presume that the person was about to skydive. 

The camera, clearly not intact, fell from the person’s hand. The one minute clip shows the dramatic fall and its convenient landing in a pigpen. 

The pig, curious at the suspicious device, investigates. The pig is seen licking the camera, which the GoPro captures. 

Many people commented on the video. 

Akorn commented: “I love how the pig immediately decides to eat something that just randomly fell from 7,000 feet.” (sic). 

Distorted ToeNail commented: “What if the pig became a very successful youtuber.”(sic)

Lester Cross11 commented: “Not sure if the pig did or didn't honor the five-second rule...(??)” (sic). 

Gaurang Karande commented: “It's 5 years since it was posted and I have this on my recommended 

Thank you, YouTube very cool.” (sic). 

We can only imagine how the ‘skydiver’ feels after losing their camera.