'Shout out to my friend, my fiancee, my Queen, My Heart'

'Shout out to my friend, my fiancee, my Queen, My Heart'

This February, IOL is spreading the love with our #MyHeart competition where we are asking readers to send a shout out to their loved ones to stand a chance of winning some amazing prizes.

Here's one of our winning entries from Ellliot Motupa, who has won a mixed case of Rhino Tears Wine.

Dear Cikizwa,

Shout out to my friend, my woman, my partner, my fiancee, my companion, my Queen and my everything. You are that dream that came true for me and fate made sure you are part of my life, the part that I needed the most. I have fallen a thousand times with your smile, with your thinking, your character and the way you just love me. 

We found each other when we both needed each other the most. You continue to inspire me to love you more and you are all my heart ever talks about, all the time. You have become my life support. You reason with me and you have restored all the missing gaps in my heart. You have calmed the storms of my life in many ways I can never be able to explain to you, but I promise to show you my love as long as I still breathe.

Beyonce once said true love is the greatest weapon to win the war caused by pain :- We have learned to fight all our battles with love, a very powerful weapon. I remember praying for a woman exactly like you. I sing your name and your love is beautifully made to perfection. You understand me more than I understand myself and that's golden. A peaceful man loves the most and you taught me that. 

You understand and support my struggle, you action my ideas. You give me that assurance that the future is beautiful with you by my side. For this reason my love, I promise to water your dreams. I promise to breathe life into your plans. I promise to carry your tools just to see you live your dreams. I crush on you every day like you not mine. I bless the day our souls collided, a beautiful collision it has been.Your love has become a permanent resident in my heart and I promise to love you more than I loved you yesterday, and tomorrow I will love you tenfold. You complete me in many ways. 

I want you to know I will always water the garden of our love. I will overfill your cup with love, respect, honour, happiness, dignity, knowledge, trust, joy, pride, sincerity, goals, friendship, commitment, kindness, understanding, comfort, peace, beauty, motivation, support, safehaven, strength, leadership, excitement, experience, affection, passion, gratitude, faith, humbleness, appreciation, fulfilment, satisfaction, security, romance, pride, politeness, fun, fantasy, charisma, success, enjoyment, desires, elegancy, enchantment, delightfullness, compassion, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, warmth, tenderness, transparency, care, fascination, attention, cherish, youthfulness, magical, intimacy, integrity, chemistry, seduction and a lifetime partnership. Everything I need is written in your eyes, I see your halo. I will return your love with a billion kisses. 

Your heart is made of diamonds, your skin is covered in gold, you blossom with every smile, you shine brighter than any stars and your beauty overflows with kindness. You glow differently. You are royalty in my eyes, the queen of my heart. You are loved beyond measure my Queen and I want you to know that. You deserve all the love coming your way because you accepted my invitation to love me without boundaries. God crafted you so perfectly, I bless the day I found you. I will keep overdosing you with my love. Sometimes I miss you even when am right next to you and that's how much love I have for you. 

When you say you love me, my world stands still in excitement. I will confuse you with too much love. You will breathe love, eat love, see love, feel love, experience love and enjoy love to the fullest. You stole, captured my heart and I let you keep it for life. You are my pillar and my strength. You are loved beyond measure and I can't wait for the day I wife you.

Yours in love,
Ellliot Motupa

How to enter IOL's #MyHeart competition:

Send an email to [email protected] with a shout out to a very special someone in your life (minimum 150 words). Or send us a message or a video via Whatsapp to 0745573535.

Whether it's the love of your life, your BFF, your dog, your cat, your mom, your boss or your second-removed cousin on your grandmother's side, we want to know why you appreciate them so much.

You can also DM us on Facebook or Twitter, or tag us on Instagram.

Winners of this prize will be notified by March 6.

Winners will be notified by email or phone, so please send us your contact details with your entry.

Competition Rules:

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  • Competitions are only open to people residing in South Africa.
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  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash. 
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