Pick the perfect mask to suit your style, says Pretoria fashionista

Pick the perfect mask to suit your style, says Pretoria fashionista

No, masks are not one-size-fits-all. In the same way that one makes a conscious decision to pick and match one's outfit, the same should be done to choose the right mask. 

This is according to Pretoria-based fashion designer Simon Rademan, who also considers himself a bridal expert and etiquette master.

He is reminding South Africans that while lipstick or even make-up may have been put on hold for now, wearing a mask doesn't mean neglecting style. 

The fashionista and author of The Style Bible aims to educate South Africans about picking a suitable mask to complement their bone structure and style.

“When the coronavirus came and ‘slapped’ a piece of fabric on our faces, we forgot all the rules of looking ‘our best’,” said Rademan.

He said designers across the globe have been trying to find a perfect style for all. “But there is no style that suits everyone. There are people with a facial shape who can wear anything and still look good, but they are in the minority.”

Rademan outlined the seven most popular types of masks:

  1. medical;
  2. sporty;
  3. home-made;
  4. industrial;
  5. circular tube;
  6. bandanna; and
  7. folded.

“The trick would be to play a game of match-up and find the right one. Some used the period of lockdown for finding that out, but as the world will start to reopen, it would be best if you already know what suits you perfectly,” he said.

Choosing the right mask also has a lot to do with the shape and structure of one's face, he added.

“The secret to wearing a mask perfectly is to do it exactly as you would with the rest of your wardrobe: follow your own bone structure … add where necessary, cover what you should, and leave open what is beautiful.”

Rademan offered the following tips when choosing a mask: 

  • dark colours slim the face down and light colours will widen it;
  • elastic around the ears or behind the head can successfully be hidden;
  • words and patterns draw attention - simmer it down if not the focus;
  • folded shapes add volume;
  • shaping the nose with a tiny piece of wire is priceless;
  • never borrow from others; and
  • always have a spare ready.

He said there was “no reason not to look fabulous wearing a mask”, warning that history would judge us for the fashion decisions we make - even during the lockdown. 

“Selfies and pictures are memories that will be around forever. The day will come that our children and their children will laugh at us for looking silly. Nevertheless, wearing it remains a sign of respect and protection for others, and while we have to do it, we might as well do it beautifully, classy and even sensually.”