Influencer & beauty vlogger Mihlali dishes relationship advice

Mihlali Ndamase has dished out some useful relationship tips and we’re here for her perspective on matters of the heart. On Thursday she featured as one of the guests on YouTube channel Defining.

During this segment subscribers ask guests for advise on life, friendships and love. One woman told the panel she was worried that her boyfriend of almost five months had not made their relationship public on social media, and that this is making her insecure.

Mihlali advised the lady to give the relationship time, as it is still new.

“The relationship is still young and you should be getting to know each other and understanding one another,” she said, also cautioning against seeking approval from social media.

“Your priority should not be social media and getting validation. What does social media have to do with the relationship?

“Yes I understand that you want to be shown off but it could get to that point, it’s still very early and a lot can happen in the next month. So, focus on the relationship, focus on your man, girl.”