Finally, a ride hailing service for women, by women

Finally, a ride hailing service for women, by women

For a number of years, South African women have been calling for an e-hailing cab service that makes safety its first priority. The need for such a service has been further exacerbated in recent weeks now that gender-based crimes and femicide are firmly in the spotlight.

CheufHer is a new ride hail service that connects female drivers with female passengers via an app that works on the same basis as other e-hailing apps like Taxify and Uber.

The service will be rolled out in Cape Town, and then make an appearance in Johannesburg. "Whether riding in the backseat or driving up front, every part of the ChaufHer experience has been designed around your safety and security. Our professional female drivers are properly vetted and have an SOS button at their fingertips," says the website.

Other safety procedures put in place include third party notifications, 24/7 operations centre and driver safety training.

So, how does it differ from other apps? With CheufHer both the driver and riders are comprehensively vetted, with each registration thoroughly checked ahead. Also, only women and children are allowed as passengers.

The app will be available to download for free.

In the meantime, visit for more info