5 healthy summer drinks for kids

5 healthy summer drinks for kids

These refreshing drinks are the perfect way for kids to stay hydrated this summer. 

We spoke to health expert Vanessa Ascencao about the healthy drinks kids can have this summer. 

Fruit-infused water. Picture: Pexels

Fruit-infused water

Infusing water with fresh fruits or herbs is nutritious and can help increase intake of vitamins and minerals.  

Making it can be a fun exercise for children. Try a variety of fruits, individually or mixed such as cucumber and lemon, strawberries and basil, lemon and orange, kiwi or watermelon.

Coconut water

Plain unsweetened coconut water is a good choice for children as it provides nutrients and electrolytes, including vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium which all help hydrate children after exercise or during recovery when they are sick.

Herbal tea. Picture: Pexels

Herbal tea

Teas such as rooibos and chamomile are caffeine and sugar-free, and may provide relief for children who are sick or anxious and have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce intestinal issues.


Blending fruits and vegetables into a smoothie is a great way to ensure nutritious, whole foods form part of your child’s diet. Blend the ingredients with unsweetened plant based milk such as coconut, almond or rice milk and include cocoa powder, avocado, banana or flax seeds.

Water. Picture: Pexels


Water is the best to help keep children hydrated because it contains no sugar, helps improve concentration and reduces fatigue. It is essential for important processes in the body. It also helps counter headaches, regulates the body temperature, relieves constipation and helps to improve dental health.