3 spirit trends to watch in 2020

3 spirit trends to watch in 2020

Out with the old, so they say. 

The alcoholic beverage industry is not particularly known for being slow-moving. Remarkable changes and surprising trends emerge every year and this year is no exception.

According to The Spirits Business, the rise of low alcohol beverages and the growth of spiced and botanical rums will be a hit this year. 

Scrutiny of low - and no-ABV drinks

Consumers have truly embraced the ‘drink less, but better’ notion – and all signs point towards continued demand for low‐ and no‐ABV brands in 2020. But while new releases may come thick and fast – particularly towards the start of the year as imbibers partake in the Dry January challenge – the time has come for closer scrutiny of this infant category.

The rise of the non‐alcoholic ‘spirits’ has grown at a rate of knots over the past 12 months. The industry has welcomed everything from the first non‐alcoholic apéritif brand and new non‐alcoholic dark spirits’, to alcohol‐free ready‐to‐drink cocktails. But fatigue seems to be spreading across the trade when it comes to new players. Producers with integrity and quality products will go from strength to strength, while brands cutting corners and bending the rules will find themselves cast aside. A collective effort to create quality products will be key to the category’s longevity. 

Spiced and botanical rums

The drinks industry is tough on spiced rums, lamenting a lack of high‐quality offerings in this sub‐category. But the past 12 months have brought fresh energy to the sector, with well‐respected producers. 

Sustainable packaging

Plastic has become public enemy number one, so brands have had to get smart fast, and find ways to create beautiful designs that have minimal impact on the planet. 

Last year, Pernod Ricard‐owned Absolut Vodka partnered with the Paper Bottle Company to create a bio‐based recyclable paper bottle. Brands have set the bar when it comes to sustainable packaging - something customers are increasingly keen on.