3 hacks for making travelling with a pram easier

3 hacks for making travelling with a pram easier

Travelling with a baby or toddler can be overwhelming. The sheer amount of stuff you need just to get your bundle of joy from A to B seems never-ending. You need to pack for every eventuality. 

Thule shares some tips to consider when travelling with a stroller: 

Consider your travel needs

Think about the type of travelling that you and your family will do over the next few years as this has an impact on what kind of stroller will work best for you. There are many questions you need to ask yourself, including do you often travel to Europe (and beyond) and what stroller will withstand the terrain? 

Will you ever need a double stroller, to hold a slightly older child and a newborn while you are sightseeing? Is exercise a non-negotiable on your priority list? What kind of pram would make your holiday easier? Once you get the answers for this, you are one step closer to deciding what type of scroller to choose. 

Size and weight do matter

When travelling with a baby, the idea is not to add awkward-to-carry, bulky luggage, but instead to keep all luggage stream-lined and space-efficient. The best strollers for holidays (and every day) are considerably lighter and a lot smaller than their heavier counterparts, so that your hands are kept free, plus small enough to store – whether it is in a car or on the plane. 

It has to offer the ease of folding and flexibility

If you are flying or travelling solo, a stroller with an easy folding function is a must. Some of the best foldable strollers can quickly and easily be folded up using just one hand – incredibly convenient if you need to carry your baby with the other arm. 

An easy-to-fold stroller is particularly useful if you fly around the country often or if you are travelling overseas with lots of luggage, especially if you are the outdoor-adventure type who chooses their holiday destination based on trail runs and other sporting activities around a certain area.