Zuki is the new star of Somizi's reality show

Move over TT and Mohale, fans have got a new fav on Somizi's reality show, Zuki.

The opinionated queen sprinkled her drama all over Thursday's episode of Living The Dream With Somizi  and we couldn't help but stan.

It was like she lived in a tree, the way she was throwing shade and spreading her opinions in the wind.

Somizi had of course tried to tell her that he was having a guest of honour over and she shouldn't even think of coming over,  but sis was determined.

The guest of honour was of course "Madame" Evodia Mogase from Real Housewives of Johannesburg, who brought her own spice.

Evodia was a star of the show but fans watching at home only had eyes for one person.

They were stanning over Zuki and flooded Twitter with messages and comments about her appearance.

They called for her to replace TT on the show and to even get her own series.