We deserve more from "Idols SA"

We deserve more from
When will M-Net and Mzansi Magic realise that "Idols South Africa" is not that interesting a show anymore? 
That the time is nigh for either the show’s cancellation or a format change. Since things cannot go the way they are currently going.
I say this because the current season is one of their worst in years. 

Yes, the contestants can all sing. Sure, the styling is getting better and they are really doing their best to impress South Africans to spend their hard-earned dosh to vote for them. 

But honestly? It’s a bore of a show that is making more news about behind-the-scenes skirmishes and is sadly not as important to pop culture as it was five years ago.

Frankly, I am bored. 

I have tried to follow this season and it felt like it’s a chore, and in the age of peak TV, we don’t have time to waste watching things that don’t interest us. 

I get that there are those who like watching the show, but I just don’t think they are getting the top-tier entertainment they deserve from the show. 

It’s clearly not about the talent anymore, but about making television. Surely if they are all about finding South Africa’s next big star, they should make sure they give the eventual winner all the help they need to actually make it? 

Even on coronation evening, where the new winner is announced, they have already announced the audition dates for the next season, barely giving the winner any time to bask in the glory. Out with the old in with the new, almost immediately. 

I think it would do "Idols SA" a world of good if, instead of keeping the current format, they bring in some changes that will see them actually build the contestants up. 

Have the competition until the Top 5 phase and then it changes: they can then show us what it takes to make a star – styling, performing, the importance of contracts, building a brand and songwriting. 

I want to see them build a star from scratch.

You have seasoned performers in Somizi and Unathi and a record label veteran in Randall as judges. 

Use their skills beyond judging who can sing or who can’t. 

We all know it takes more than a voice. And for us to be entertained these days, it takes more than just serving us leftovers. 

Si-grand, thanks.