WATCH: Trevor Noah's 5 best moments at the Match in Africa celeb doubles

WATCH: Trevor Noah's 5 best moments at the Match in Africa celeb doubles

Cape Town - Trevor Noah is a funny man who has wowed TV audiences on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and he wasn't scared to bring some comedy to the doubles match at Friday's Match in Africa.

Noah partnered with Rafael Nadal in a celebrity doubles encounter against Roger Federer and Bill Gates at the Cape Town Stadium in the curtain-raiser to the Match in Africa, which features Federer against Nadal.

While Noah and Nadal, or N-squared as they were nicknamed, put up an impressive effort, it was long-running Match in Africa partners Gateserer who won.

Throughout the match, Trevor Noah was on point and he took every opportunity to show how serious he was taking the game. However, while he was focused and committed, he also had a lot of fun and let out a few quips.

There were some of Noah's best moment at the celebrity doubles:

5. Trevor celebrating like he scored a soccer goal like he was blowing a vuvuzela.

4. "Can you switch off the air-conditioning?"

Just as Noah was about to serve, the wind at Cape Town Stadium picked up to which he asked the match official, "Can you switch off the air-conditioning?"

3. Trevor Noah and Roger Federer's stare down

Another moment that that came from the pair's interaction was this exchange as Noah was about to serve:

Trevor: "Roger don't look at me too hard. You looking at me too hard."

Roger: "I'm looking at the ball."

2. Trevor Noah picking a fight with the match official

After the match official made a call that left Trevor unhappy he said: "If I had another racket, I'd break it my man."

1. Whose fault is it any way?

However one stand out quip from Trevor Noah was when the match official called fault, and he in turn took fault with the official's tone of voice.

 "Fault. Why do you say it like you're sad? I want it like the professionals. FAULT!"

There was a big cheer for Federer’s mother Lynette, who was born and raised in South Africa and still possesses a strong local accent, before the game began.

“Ek is baie bly om in Suid-Afrika te wees (I am very happy to be in South Africa)! I still have very close connections to South Africa – we love the people, love the country. We just love you all,” Lynette said.

The big match of the night saw Federer and Nadal square off in a singles match.

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