Twitter demands 'crook' manager pay Makhadzi her money

Twitter demands 'crook' manager pay Makhadzi her money

Believe it or not, even in 2020, artists are still getting exploited and abused by their management companies. But it seems enough is enough as musicians are starting to speak up against the unfair treatment. 

Fans of Makhadzi Muimbi started rallying behind the young musician following her social media outcry about her manager refusing to pay her.

In a lengthy statement posted on her Facebook page, the "Matorokisi" hitmaker detailed the ongoing struggle she endures every time her management needs to pay  her. 

She wrote: “They say Facebook doesn't solve problems but sometimes can heal our hearts...now am in pain and I have no one to talk to. I am just crying alone cz (because) they switch off they phones they dont wana update me y am not receiving my money . I must just wait for them when they feel like giving me my money.

She added, pleading with her manager Rita Dee Nephawe to pay her as the continuous ill-treatment would lead her to depression.

She explained: “Rita dee I love you and I still need us to work but please change how you do things. Sometimes I become mad at you because of how you treat me. I will end being depressed cz you are damaging my mind instead of me being happy I must be stressed because of you."

Fans of the “Riya Venda” star took to their different social media platforms, to condemn this act of exploitation to happening to their fave. 

Many even requested for legal intervention.

It seems he power of unity prevails once again as the young singer will be getting the much needed legal assistance, thanks to Black Twitter.
Th singer also thanked her fans for their support: "Hi guys,  Thanks for the love and support on #FreeMakhadzi and tweets/Facebook posts etc.  I am now legally represented and won’t be doing any media interviews.'
But tweeps are hearing none of that, they continue to express their rage on social media.

IOL  Entertainment reached out to Nephawe via phone and social media, to no avail.