The Ninjala launch trailer is a lot

The Ninjala launch trailer is a lot

West Side Story, bubblegum, and child ninjas, because why not – Ninjala!

Ninjala is a free to play “Ninja-Gum Action” game featuring eight-player battle royale and 4v4 team battles. Create your own brightly-coloured, bubble-pop avatar and fight it out with “distinctive ‘Ninja-Gum’ weapons and ninjutsu techniques”.

Different varieties of Ninja-Gum, developed by the World Ninja Association, apparently gives those that possess ninja DNA the ability to wield magical weapons, such as the Ippon Katana, SK8 Hammer, and Ninja Yo-Yo. Bubblegum can be used to perform ranged attacks and dash through the air for maximum manoeuvrability. Also, any adult who eats the Ninja-Gum turns into a child for ... reasons.

Bubblegum. Ninjas. Any questions? Ninjala comes to Nintendo Switch on June 24 2020 (PDT).

Previously delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ninjala is set to launch on 24 June 2020 and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. A not-free, single-player story mode DLC will be available to buy shortly thereafter.