Thando Thabethe claps back at fresh bleaching rumours

Radio personality Thando Thabethe is not about to sit back and let people drag her for “skin bleaching” when she was created the way she was by "God".

Thando faced criticism from fans this week after she shared a picture of herself in a glamorous platinum hairstyle at a Ciroc party.

One tweep asked her, “Why so pale?” to which she replied, “Ask God,” with a smiley emoji.

Thando tweeted that she was puzzled her skin tone was being questioned.

“Now my skin tone is being questioned? Lol, what kind of life is this?”

She then shut down the “skin bleaching” rumours and told her haters to stop speaking with confidence about something they knew nothing about.

“Used to be beautiful when what happened??? Niyanya man. I have never bleached stop speaking with so much conviction about things you know not of!!”