Tbo Touch concerned about black pilots' qualifications - Mzansi in massive debate

Twitter is divided over media personality Tbo Touch's tweet about black pilots, in which he admitted to trusting black pilots less than white pilots.

The post, which has since been deleted, said: "When I board a flight and I hear the voice of a black pilot, tjerrr. I want to know where he graduated, how many years he has flown, is he sober or not, going through a divorce, does he owe anyone money or has he ever been to rehab. These are all the fruits of colonisation."

Touch took to the platform on Sunday to attribute the habit of black people to undermine one another to colonisation. The tweet was part of a series of posts in which Touch spoke about black people's self-hate.

Some slammed him for "hating on his own people", while others came to his defence, saying his pilot tweet was not only misunderstood, but it was also taken out of context.

Here's some of the mixed reaction.