PODCAST | We talk to 'Plingo' about making his video game, 'Doba Dash'

PODCAST | We talk to 'Plingo' about making his video game, 'Doba Dash'

To take a concept for a video game all the way to a finished product isn't easy. It's all the more rare to garner the support of a corporate sponsor and an incubation hub to help it along the way. 

GamersLIVE speaks to Thabo “Plingo” Tsolo about his recently launched 3D combat racing game, Doba Dash, that has a surprising social angle to it, as he recognises the informal waste pickers in his area and uses them for some inspiration.  

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But Plingo didn't do it on his own - the Johannesburg-based and Wits University-associated Tshimologong Precinct helped him and the broader team get sponsorship and access to tools, skills and mentorship through their incubation programme. 

Khwezi Fudu Cenenda, the enterprise development manager at Tshimologong, says besides their support with skills development, they also help find the right market for the products. 

“This is the first game we have incubated,” Cenenda says, but adds that the precinct is  interested in creating a more permanent gaming academy.

Plingo says he and the team are keen to take the next step and expand development on not just Doba Dash, but other far-reaching games for the SA and African market.