Maphorisa slammed for 'overworking' Kabza de Small

DJ Maphorisa found himself facing the Twitter firing squad this week after he was accused of “over working” Kabza de Small.

The two have been working on several collaborations together, and are fan's favourite to scoop the prestigious Song of the Year award in December.

Fans were concerned about Kabza's health after Maphorisa posted a video of him in an attempt to hype Kabza's next gig.

Although Lawd Porry's motives seemed good, many thought Kabza looked exhausted in the video and slammed Maphorisa for not allowing Kabza to rest.

They also accused him of riding Kabza's wave.

Even though Maphorisa hasn't said anything regarding the allegations, in July he put the haters in their place after weeks of being dragged on social media.

He shut down comments from Tweeps who were saying he was “capitalising” on Kabza's fame.

Maphorisa took to Twitter to let people know  the hate won't stop his shine.

“Everyone wants a piece of Scorpion Kings. Haters want it down on platforms. Guys are jealous (of me), saying I am using Kabza. Why all this hate while everyone loves this project? Since Kabza started working with me has he ever missed a gig? So we don't deserve it?”