Lady Zamar's sloppy birthday do saved by the music

Lady Zamar's sloppy birthday do saved by the music
Award-WINING musician Lady Zamar celebrated a double whammy this week - her birthday and the launch of her new album, Monarch.

Her label, Universal celebrated her talent on Wednesday night. Sadly, their execution was an epic fail, resulting in the evening being a damp squib. On paper, the idea seemed simple.

They would host a dinner for the lady of the moment with elite guests. Later, invited members of the media would be ushered in to enjoy a short performance from Zamar, a second special event meant to wind down the evening.

Instead, someone failed Event Planning 101 - time management.

Invited media lingered on for almost two hours, unsure of what to do while a sari-clad Zamar was celebrating her birthday with her elite guests around a beautifully laid out table, in a room decorated in white and gold - within view.

Making matters worse, this happened to be one of Joburg’s coldest nights and we had to wait in the cold for the queen to finish her meal before turning her attention to the invited media.

Once the birthday festivities were wrapped up, only then were we joined by the queen to serenade us with three songs - a sneak preview from her latest album that dropped last Friday. 

 Supporting Zamar were 2019 Best Pop South African Music Awards winner, Tresor and Shekhinah.

To warm our hearts, Zamar spoke about her music and life’s journey which heavily influenced her new album.

While the event was almost a mess, the beautiful album and the singer’s talent made up for the poor planning and lack of time management. 


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