IN MEMES Tweeps still can't get over MaYeni's beauty

IN MEMES Tweeps still can't get over MaYeni's beauty

MaYeni swiftly knocked MaCele off the pedestal on which Uthando Nes'thembu fans had perched her after she threw so much shade that people couldn't help but see the "unattractive" side of MaCele.

This week saw fans look into the discussions that took place in preparation for MaYeni's vow-renewal ceremony/wedding. Everyone except MaCele could feel the tension in the room and the strain in her voice when she "wished" MaYeni well for her big day.

Fans immediately recalled the time MaYeni said some of the wives were just doing things for the camera and that behind the scenes there was a lot of envy and jealousy.

Watch the clip below:

When MaCele, in her speech, spoke about how MaYeni was actually the third wife, not the second, fans took it as confirmation that she was the jealous one.

"Whether MaYeni is wife number three or 300, we all know she was Musa’s first love. She’s not the first wife because her and her family didn’t understand or were not ready for her to marry a polygamous man. Musa still went back to her after two marriages," said one tweep.

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