'Godfall' cinematic trailer is very pretty, reveals game has a story

'Godfall' cinematic trailer is very pretty, reveals game has a story

Imagine the blacksmithing bills in this world. Armour polishers must be making a fortune.

Turns out there’s a reason you’re running about bashing the bejeezus out of things with shiny swords in Godfall, and it’s due to some classic brother vs brother conflict. Of course, the bad one is the jackal (Macros) and the good one is the lion (Orin).

Macros leaves his brother for dead after getting all the other pretty armour people killed in some sort of civil war situation, but Orin’s not dead. He survived, and he’s got friends to help him overthrow Macros, despite the loss of his majestic mane braid.

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Godfall is a third-person, looter-slasher, action RPG with up to three-player co-op. You play as one of the last of the Valorian knights, clad in legendary Valorplate armour, and it is up to you to prevent an apocalyptic event of some sort. I imagine it’s related to that Macros guy being a bit of a dick.

You’ll be doing it with a collection of longswords, polearms, war hammers and great swords instead of the usual guns.

Godfall is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 on November 12. The PS5 gets to SA on November 19, so you’ll only be able to play it then.

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