Fans not impressed by Babsie on Checkpoint

Convicted drug mule Nolubabalo “Babsie” Nobanda is causing a stir on social media after her recent television interview on eNCA's Checkpoint.

Babsie returned home last week after serving seven years of her 15-year sentence in a Thai prison. This is after she was caught at Bangkok Airport carrying 1.5kg of cocaine stuffed in her dreadlocks in 2011.

During her in-depth interview, Babsie claimed she was lured into trafficking drugs by a promise of an all-expenses-paid holiday to Brazil.

“There was no mention of Thailand when I left SA, we were taking a holiday to Brazil. It was only when I arrived in Brazil that I found out that I would be transporting a package to Thailand.”

She explained that when she learnt that she was going to transport the drugs to Thailand she was scared.

“After hearing that I was going to Thailand, it scared the hell out me but the issue now was that I could not go home and explain, so my idea at the time was like okay, now you got yourself in a sticky mess. I knew from that instant but I said, you just do whatever and do your thing, and go back home and stay away from these kinds of things.” 

Since her return, Mzansi has been divided about her high profile welcome back home.

“I don't think people have been congratulating me for my actions but those who supported me, understand that people make mistakes. This is a chance for others to understand where they can go wrong and what to avoid.”

Babsie explained that she wanted her life to be about, “Don't be like Babsie. Watch out. Don't be so naive”. 

Henk Vanstaen, a Thai resident who helped facilitate Nobanda's return, told DispatchLIVE that he believed Babsie had come away from the ordeal a changed woman.

Her interview again divided fans. Some didn't buy her story, while others believed that she had learnt from her mistakes.