Dingaan Mokebe: Women, why do you hate each other so much?

Actor Dingaan Mokebe believes that women are each other's own worst enemy.

In a video posted on Instagram this week, which he called "The DSK Diaries", Dingaan warned his female followers about other women.

“Ladies, let's talk. Who is the biggest enemy to women? The answer is: another woman.” 

The actor went on to explain his stance, narrating the story of a couple had been married for seven years before the husband's alleged cheating led to their split.

“The wife went and discussed her suspicions with her lady friends and the first thing her friends told her was [to] dump her husband because he was [a] lousy a**.”

Dingaan explained that he told the woman that she needed to go home and talk to her husband to see how she was going to fix the situation - if she wanted to fix it.

“Unfortunately, she didn't listen to me. She went home and broke up with her husband and as we speak, they are in the middle of a divorce.

"But guess what? One of the women who told her to dump her husband has been dating him for the past three months! She discovered this yesterday.”

Dingaan said the only reason the friend told the woman to dump her husband was so that she could "move in”.

“You watch Uyajola 9/9, you listen to Ask A Man on Metro FM. You hear every single day women talking about discovering their blood sister or friends sleeping or cheating with their man - and yet you have women [who] have the nerve to call men dogs? What does that then make you? 

“If you women loved each other so much, if you women had each other's backs, why do you hate each other so much?"