Confessions on Mihlali's IG stories leave Mzansi shook

Confessions on Mihlali's IG stories leave Mzansi shook

It seems that not a month doesn't go by without Mihlali Ndamase landing on the Twitter trends list. However, it's her followers that have Mzansi shook.

Local influencer Ndamase opened a can of worms in her Instagram Stories when she asked her followers to share their confessions. 

For those who don't know, Instagram has a function where you can ask people to reply to a question and then post the answers anonymously. 

On Tuesday, Ndamase simply wrote "Confess" and the answers are the things Tyler Perry movies are made of. 

Some the confessions include a guy sleeping with his married lecturer everyday who is also a man, someone sleeping with their friend's dad, someone else washing their roommate's toothbrush in the toilet and several other gasp-worthy answers. 

Tweeps were shook at the replies and shared their thoughts on the micro-blogging website.