To hold a Huawei product is to hold a piece of history

To hold a Huawei product is to hold a piece of history

This week the world witnessed the destruction of a technology company, Huawei, in action.

US technology giant Google has announced that it will end its relationship with the Chinese behemoth. 

Thereafter, other tech component makers followed. 

Shortly thereafter Huawei announced that it would soon release its own operating system, which would replace Android. 

However, this will not be sufficient to maintain the functionality of Huawei devices. What will complicate matters is simply that smartphones are made possible by convergent technology.

Smartphones are containerships of inventions by different makers. Apple is probably one of the few device makers that makes most of its components (hardware as well as software).

The survival of Huawei devices will depend on the company creating its own software as well as its own hardware.

The company will have to create its own GPS system to have the same functionality as Google Maps. It will have to create its own app store to enable its users to have access to various services that are accessible on the Android platform.

Basically, a range of software services will have to be created by Huawei. Besides software, Huawei will also have to create the hardware. 

This will include chips that provide the device with brains. ARM, the maker of chips used by most smart devices, just also announced that it will end its relationship with Huawei.

This means that for Huawei to operate some of the important operations it will have to create its own chip. 

Fortunately, Huawei as well as other Chinese-based technology companies are innovative. There's probably software and hardware makers within China that can replace some of the American and European software and hardware makers. 

What this means is that Huawei will never be the same again. It’s functionality will be compromised. It will take time for Huawei devices to be the same as other devices in the market. The chances of Huawei winning this battle through technology means are limited for now. In the long run, however, it can deliver even better hardware and software. 

Huawei is left with one option and that is to win the hearts of its users. 

This is not the first time that the world is witnessing and affected by a tech war between tech giants. 

Apple and Microsoft were involved in similar battles in the past.

Apple won the battle. Apple did not win the battle through technology only. It won the hearts of its users. Apple fans believed in its value systems and mission. Today, Apple is one of the most-loved brands. Its followers still buy Apple even though it lacks some functionality that currently exists in other brands. Huawei has an opportunity to use the sympathy of users (both consumers and nation states) who understand that there's more to the battle of Huawei and Google.

It will have to tap into the hearts of people and nations who understand that this war is between the US and China. It is a war between West and East. It is a war about who will lead the technology revolution. 

The people who currently possess Huawei products are holding more than just a piece of metal. They are holding a piece of history that is currently a battleground for something bigger than just technology. Huawei has a moral high ground in the eyes of some consumers.

Wesley Diphoko is the editor-in-chief of The Infonomist. You can follow him on Twitter via: @WesleyDiphoko. The views expressed here are his own.