Namibian grapes to grace Chinese market

Namibian grapes to grace Chinese market

WINDHOEK – Namibia will start grape exports to China in about 18 months, Namibia grape growers and an export association said on Monday.

Speaking in an interview, Deputy Chairperson Kobus Bothma said the association is busy with the process of finalizing its discussions. "As we stand, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry is ready to finalize the draft agreement.

Negotiations between the two governments are well advanced. After everything has been submitted then we will look forward to having a Chinese delegation visit the farms and the production units," he said.

Namibia stated that it is looking to export five to ten percent of the 75 million cartons of its total export volume to China. 

"We are looking forward to starting exports next season. We are hoping to grow the market once we start exporting to China," he said. Namibia currently exports grapes to Britain and European Union markets.