Meetings under way to resolve salary shortages at SAA Technical

Meetings under way to resolve salary shortages at SAA Technical

Management and unions representing SAA Technical (SAAT) staff are in meeting to discuss the way forward.

This follows a strike over salaries at the airline’s headquarters in Kempton Park, Gauteng, on Monday. About 200 employees out of a workforce of about 2,300 participated in the strike.

The aircraft maintenance company SAAT was unable to pay the full salaries of workers. It has withdrawn services to Mango and SAA until unpaid debts are settled.

SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said unions requested permission to hold a general meeting with their members to discuss developments around September's salaries. Workers received only 25% of their salaries in September, as per communication to staff and unions, Tlali said.

“Employee concerns are around the salaries shortfall in the September pay run. The shortfall is largely due to non-payments of monies owed to SAAT by some key customers,” he said.

Tlali denied claims that managers paid themselves full salaries while employees received 25%. “This is definitely untrue. A common methodology in calculating the salaries pay shortfall was applied across all levels of employment, including management and the executives. This methodology was communicated to all unions, and confirmed in writing.”

He said a meeting was held between management and unions on Monday afternoon when the background around the payment of September salaries was “again detailed”.

“The session proceeded to address questions raised by union representatives.” He said a follow-up session was scheduled for Tuesday.

Meanwhile, SAAT’s operations are continuing as scheduled, he said.