CBD oil products launching countrywide in Clicks and Dis-Chem

CBD oil products launching countrywide in Clicks and Dis-Chem
JOHANNESBURG -  Since South Africa’s recent exemption of CBD hemp oil products from scheduling, allowing for legal sale, major mainstream retailers now have the products on their radar.
South Africa’s top health and beauty retailers, Clicks and Dis-Chem, are both rolling out the Elixinol range of CBD full-spectrum extract products in October. Clicks has chosen to list it in their top 100 stores nationwide and Dis-Chem will stock the range in its top 20 stores around the country.

“This is a huge move forward for the CBD hemp oil industry, which has now moved beyond early adopters and into the mainstream, with the potential to grow into a multi-billion rand industry over the next decade,” says Anthony Cohen, founder and CEO of Elixinol South Africa.

In an effort to educate and inform its retailers, sales staff and consumers about the products and their correct usage and benefits, Elixinol is bringing out the founder of Elixinol USA, Paul Benhaim, and will be offering a training roadshow in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Although a number of CBD oil products are becoming available, not all are created equal, says Cohen.  
“The difference between true cannabis/hemp CBD extract and the stuff that individuals or small producers are making is the level of quality control and from what plant it is harvested. If it has gone through a proper processing lab, using proper methods of extraction and distillation, this will make it a cleaner product, free of other residues and contaminants,” he adds.
Consumers can now rest assured that they are purchasing CBD full extract products that are safe, correct and regulated. The Elixinol range of organic, full spectrum Hemp CBD oil extract products are manufactured in a good manufacturing practice (GMP) facility that sets a high standard for packing, handling, hygiene and storing products, and provides verified safety certification.
This offers the public peace of mind and ensures that what they are buying is certified, correct to label and includes standardised dosage instructions so there is no level of guesswork involved.